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"Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light."

― Brené Brown

Making the decision to seek counseling can be an anxious time. It is important to select a good therapist that can help you work toward your goals. Therapy can be positive and rewarding, if you are committed to the process. It can give you a chance to explore thoughts and feelings that may be effecting your relationships, family, school, professional life and overall happiness. Therapy can be active and solution-focused, or quiet and reflective. Most importantly it is always collaborative. Discovering solutions that work for you will create lasting changes and lead to a more fulfilling and happy life.

The Decision to Seek Counseling

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Patricia A. Kramer

Marriage & Family Therapist, Ed.S, LMFT

Patricia A. Kramer, Marriage & Family Therapist, Ed.S, LMFT

As a practicing therapist, with over ten years of experience, I believe people truly want to connect with their best possible self.  Our experiences, relationships and environment all have lasting impacts on how we view ourselves and how we relate to others in our lives. It is in these relationships that fulfillment is found, however sometimes other factors may get in the way of that process. Navigating through the many roles we may have, coupled with stress, anxiety and expectation can prevent . . .



Kristen and Will

My husband and I started couples counseling with a lot of fear and apprehension. From the start we felt at ease and knew we were in . . .


Emerson, NJ

I reached out to Patricia to seek out counseling for me and my wife. We had tried couples counseling before but did not have . . . 


Paterson, NJ

Our daughter was struggling in school and seemed to not be herself. Multiple attempts to figure out what was happening with her had . . .

Ann and Steve

Oradell, NJ

I reached out to Patricia for family counseling in order to get help regarding our disconnected family. We were constantly arguing . . .

Alpine, NJ

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