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My husband and I started couples counseling with a lot of fear and apprehension. From the start we felt at ease and knew we were in good hands.  Patricia’s demeanor and approach is so comforting and reassuring. She really took the time to listen and help us better understand ourselves and each other.  Our marriage is much stronger and filled with passion. We owe this new found happiness and contentment to the in- depth counseling we received while in Patricia’s care.  We will be forever grateful!

Kristen and Will

Alpine, NJ

I reached out to Patricia to seek out counseling for me and my wife. We had tried couples counseling before, but did not have much success. We usually felt that our feelings were misunderstood or we did not have good coaching on how to make things better.  Patricia was different.  She is kind, understanding and funny! She is able to make you feel at ease, especially when discussing some of the most intimate pieces of a relationship.  We never felt judged or criticized for our faults and she always takes care to make sure she is truly seeing all points of view.  She was so helpful in teaching us how to communicate in a fair and thoughtful way. I knew this when she told us all couples argue; HOW they argue matters.  Our marriage is different…it is stronger, healthier and more loving. 


Emerson, NJ

Our daughter was struggling in school and seemed to not be herself. Multiple attempts to figure out what was happening with her had failed. A friend referred us to Patricia and we could not be more thankful that they did.  Our daughter was in therapy before, but never fully engaged in the way she did with Patricia.  Within a few months we began to see a change.  Our daughter was able to communicate with us more effectively, was able to let us know when she needed space and when she needed help. Our family sessions were eye opening, to say the least. We learned so much from Patricia and our family is stronger and healthier thanks to her. Our daughter still sees Patricia weekly- and is thriving.


Paramus, NJ

I reached out to Patricia for family counseling in order to get help regarding our disconnected family. We were constantly arguing with one another and never felt further apart. My husband and I were also stressed due to his recent job loss and really needed to feel in control of something.  Patricia helped us come to terms with our challenges and work on positive coping strategies to manage our stress and anxiety.  The family work was so helpful in that we gained powerful insight on healthy communication and on how to focus on the positives.  Through this work we became stronger as a unit, which helped us feel better about how things were going. The work with did with Patricia permeated the entire family and we are so much better off. Her guidance and therapeutic approach is non-judgmental and always understanding and supportive. She is not afraid to challenge you on your be ready!  Our family certainly became stronger and more connected.

Ann and Steve

Oradell, NJ

I was struggling with the death of my mother and sought out Patricia for grief counseling.  It was so helpful to work through the emotions and grief that I was experiencing. The tools that she taught me started to assist me in other areas of my life. I have been to other therapists through my life, for various reasons and Patricia is different. There is a level of empathy and understanding that I had not experienced previously. You can tell she cares about her clients and is great at her job. Expect to work! Therapy only works if you are willing to put the time into looking inwards and understanding how your actions and reactions impact you and the relationships around you. Patricia will help you accomplish that. I have come a long way in a relatively short amount of time. I still have work to do; I am so grateful that Patricia will be there to help me through it!


Fairfield, NJ

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