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Workshops for Families and Parents

Patricia A. Kramer conducts Workshops for Families and Parents

I have over ten years’ experience working with teens in a high school setting. During this time, I have conducted countless school workshops for parents and families.


The main problem I find to be impacting parents and their teens today is poor communication. I help parents effectively communicate and listen to their teens so that meaningful conversations can take place, without judgement, criticisms or disconnect.  Only when we establish a fair balance of communication and understanding for all points of view, we can then truly work towards one another and build trust. Parents should be their teen’s first resource for information and advice-not their last.  I help parents learn essential skills on how to break down the walls and disconnect with their teen, while learning valuable tools to help build more positive relationships. I am available for parent workshops or parent / teen workshops / sessions at your school. 

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